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Title : Two Way Glass Mirror – 18″ x 24″ – MirroView – 1/4″ Thickness – Flat Edge Polished – for Smart Mirrors, Hidden Televisions, Security and Surveillance
Description : This is a high quality two way mirror (sometimes referred to as one way mirror), which reflects on one side and allows light to pass through on the other. The glass is much sturdier than cheap acrylic mirrors and provides a higher fidelity reflection (no waves or fun house effect). This mirror is perfect for building a smart mirror or hidden TV. The mirror is flat polished on all edges.
Features :

  • High quality 1/4″ thick two way mirror glass with flat polished edges
  • Visible Transmittance: 20{4d23506f2cf001f37f5d6c3195fae9409c0e40a95273e5e30fbabb68bf96588b}, Visible Reflectance (Coated Side): 74{4d23506f2cf001f37f5d6c3195fae9409c0e40a95273e5e30fbabb68bf96588b}, Visible Reflectance (Glass Side): 66{4d23506f2cf001f37f5d6c3195fae9409c0e40a95273e5e30fbabb68bf96588b}
  • Use for smart mirror (popular Raspberry Pi project), hidden television, and other DIY applications
  • Use for security, surveillance, and privacy applications
  • One side reflects light and has the appearance of a mirror, the other transmits light through

Brand: Smart Mirror Kits
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