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Smart Wireless WiFi Video picture 03

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Smart Wireless WiFi Video picture 03
Seem like you are always home: With a sensitive motion-activated camera,brilliant HD video and two-way audio, you’ll never miss any visitor again. See, hear and speak to anyone at your door in real time from the app, whether you’re at home or on the go.Rain or shine,day or night. Two-way Talk: Clarity intercom,so you can speak to anyone in front of your door. Get alerts to your smartphone, tablet or desktop, and monitor and interact with visitors in real time. HD video with Infrared detection system: High definition resolution with wide-angle lens. Don’t worry about the definition,whether rain or shine,day or night. Sensitive PIR motion detection: Wake up automaticlly with PIR motion detecton,it will send notifications to APP instantly. Customize sensitivity and get real-time alerts when visitors are detected. Energy Saving and Durable: 18650 lithium battery, which can be uesed for 6month,can be recharged 500 times, which equivalent to 500 ordinary batteries.Not enough memory? It’s impossible. You can install memory card, up to 32G.And the smartphone can also store the videos. There is a “TF” on the battery panel,just use the gift screwdriver to remove the battery panel. There is a card slot for the memory card. It can be used by plugging it in. Battery life reference: Warehouse (low alarm frequency): 6-8 months; family (normal alarm frequency): 4-6 months; shops (high alarm frequency): 1-3 months. You can charge the battery directly through the USB charging port with the android charging cable.