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Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lockbox

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Title : Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor’s Lockbox
Description :

Whether you’re hiding your keys at your house, or storing them for multiple real estate listings, the Kingsley Guard-a-Key is the safe and secure solution for you. No one wants an eyesore on their property, right? That’s why the Guard-a-Key combines utilitarian functionality with contemporary style. Sleek on the outside, the Kingsley Guard-a-Key has a larger storage capacity than your typical lockbox. It even holds a conventional, non-smart, car key; great for joggers, surfers, and swimmers! With an all-metal construction and a weather-resistant fortification around the shackle, the Guard-a-Key was built for all types of conditions.

A Simple Solution: The Kingsley Guard-a-Key has a hanging shackle with a single combination so you can put it anywhere you want and reset the combination as frequently as you like. The Guard-a-Key guarantees you’ll never be locked out again. With 10,000 possible combinations, nobody will be able to guess your code. Also, the side-opening door ensures you won’t lose the door when opening the key safe.

Say Goodbye to the Competition: Competitors boast 5 key storage compartments, but that’s nothing! The Guard-a-Key holds up to 10 keys with the capacity for a car key, something not characteristically found. The black body ensures the box will blend in, camouflaged from potential thieves.

Item Specifics:
-Black Lock Box
-Side Loading Key Door for Easy Access
-Easy Setup
-Fits Securely Over Standard Door Knobs
-Directions on How to Set your Code Included

Use For:
Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Listings
Use with Medical Alert Device to Avoid Door Damage in Case of Emergency
Property Management Key Lock Box
Easy Access for Maintenance or House Cleaning Crews

Features :

  • Durable All Metal Construction
  • Fits Over 5 Keys
  • 10,000 Possible Combinations
  • More Storage Than Conventional Lockboxes
  • Easy to Use and Recombinate

Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor's Lockbox Kingsley Guard-a-key Black Realtor's Lockbox
Category: Security Lock Boxes
Brand: Kingsley Locks
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