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The cousin is perfect for collecting a great deal of information into a single book, using as a. Cousin a5 planner diary notebook 4 types japan hobonichi techo 2021, hobonichi techo 2021 cousin a5 planner diary notebook 4 types japan,discount special sell store,low price, good service,online activity promotion,free shipping on all orders,save even more with free pickup + discount.

Illustrate or Document your day journal page in my

Cousin planners are the largest size in the hobonichi techo line.

Hobonichi techo cousin a5. This version of the cover is stitched all the way around. Last week i shared with you how i use the weekly pages in my hobonichi tech cousin a5, you can read that post >> here <<. Hobonichi 5 year techo before any journaling photo :

I'm between the weeks mega and the day free cousin a5, mainly due to the absence of weekly spreads. The cousin (the a5) is the biggest of all of the techo planners, but isn’t huge…it’s 5.8” x 8.3”, so it’s fairly close in size to the leuchtturm i’ve been using for years. The avec planners are compatible with the a5.

Spacious, a5 size with plenty of room for pasting and writing; 2021 cousin a5 planner diary notebook 4 types japan hobonichi techo, hobonichi techo 2021 cousin a5. This is my 4th year using hobonichi.

Otherwise, you can read about my purchase choice below. It’s split into two main parts: Behold, the hobonichi techo cousin!

The cousin is the a5 version of the hobonichi a6 size planner i reviewed last week, but it has something the a6 version doesn't have: It is the perfect size for me. I still use filofaxes, including an a5 malden in purple that i use for work and of course little purple, however i am really enjoying using the hobonichi and will.

So i'm on my second hobonichi cousin a5 and i'm thinking about switching it up for 2022 (yes, i'm planning for my planning routine 6 months early, lol). Cousin models can also be used as notebooks and diaries, and for other uses that need more writing space than a smaller journal (the a6 size for instance). This is how i use the weekly pages in the hobonichi cousin techo a5.

The book fits nicely into covers designed for the standard hobonichi techo cousin.because the book is. My scheduling and task system sits on these pages so decoration is minimal and functionality is the focus. Separate pieces are used for the interior and exterior, allowing a wider variety of exterior colors that would be too thick for the wrap style above.

At 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3), the a5 size is twice the size of its a6 original counterpart, so there’s plenty of room to use the cousin for both business and pleasure. 5 out of 5 stars. First let me thank hobonichi for sending me this planner as a sample to review.

The various different calendar pages are not only for your plans, but you can use them for. They are a5 size and were produced for people who wanted more space than a normal hobonichi. If you’re a visual person, you can watch the brief unboxing video on my igtv @hobominci.

The cousin is the largest planner in the hobonichi techo lineup. Because the book is half the size of the full. The cousin has a stiff card cover.

More on that in a mo. I’m gonna let the hobonichi website explain the features (enhanced slightly by moi) then i’m gonna tell you why you need this planner and how you can use it to bullet journal like a boss. The hobonichi cousin is a a5 size, which is 5.8″× 8.3″.

The various calendars and pages are great not only for writing down your plans for the day, but for doodling, pasting event tickets, using as. This lets you carry a planner that is half the weight and thickness of the standard a5 techo cousin with just as much functionality. In addition to a daily page for every day, the hobonichi cousin also has the weekly layout i was missing so much.

On the bottom of the weekend columns i leave room to note anything coming up the next week that i need to remember and maybe prepare for. Because it is a a5 hobonichi, it is also big enough for me to write just about everything i need to in it, whether it be for work or home. It’s split into two main parts:

Hobonichi lineup also has two 5 year techo planners that come in sizes a6 and a5. Only 2 available and it's in 13 people's carts. The a5 size is the largest in the lineup.

The cousin is the largest techo in the hobonichi techo lineup. The book fits nicely into covers designed for the standard hobonichi techo cousin. 5 year techo a6 has 752 pages and weighs approx 340 grams.

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