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Title : Haven Mech Door Lock
Description : Haven Mech is a revolutionary door lock. It helps protect you and your family. We spent 3 years designing Haven to be 10x stronger than your deadbolt. Most break-ins occur through a door. It only takes 3-4 kicks on most doors with deadbolts to break through. Is that safe enough for you? We don’t think so. That is why we created Haven Mech, a door lock that will help prevent someone from kicking in your door. Haven Mech is super simple to use. Just step on the foot pedal to lock, and step on the gate to unlock. The foot pedal has been designed so only an adult can lock it. Haven Mech has been tested to last well over 100,000 cycles. That means Haven will work for many many years with no problem. Haven Mech is made right here in Tennessee. Haven is a veteran-owned company.
Features :

  • 10x STRONG THAN A DEADBOLT: Haven Mech is a new type of door lock; Haven Mech sits at the bottom of your door and reinforces the door with the strength of your home’s foundation; Mech’s hard plastic bends as someone tries to force open the door; the lock pushes back and uses the attackers energy against them. Haven Mech can last over 50 kicks to a hollow-core hundred dollar door; Haven Mech can help you prevent a break-in.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Haven Mech is designed and manufactured in Tennessee USA, Haven Lock Inc is located in Nashville Tennessee, Haven Mech is manufactured in two Tennessee factories by American workers
  • TESTED TO LAST OVER 25 YEARS: Haven Mech has gone through extensive testing at a facility that specializes in products that need to run for decades without issue, Haven Mech was tested to last over 120,000 cycles, we then ended the test. No issues arose in those 120,000 cycles, If you use Haven Mech every day ten different times, it will last over 25 years.
  • EASY TO USE: Haven Mech has been designed and built so any adult can use the lock with ease; the lock is engaged by hitting a pressure sensitive locking pedal, it requires the force of an adult, children and pets will have a very hard time locking the unit; If you need to unlock the unit, anyone can do this, Haven Mech can be unlocked by pressing on top of the locking gate, In an emergency and one can unlock the unit easily.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Haven Mech is easy to install in a variety of floors, Haven can be installed in hardwood, tile, concrete, vinyl, and over carpet; Haven can be screwed into the floor via its 6 install holes on the bottom of the unit, the locking gate cover comes off and you insert the bolts; Install takes only about 15 minutes in hardwood.

Haven Mech Door Lock Haven Mech Door Lock
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Brand: Haven Lock
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Review : I absolutely love them. I have given them a fair amount …

I bought this directly from Haven Lock before they were on Amazon. I know have them on all of my exterior doors. I absolutely love them. I have given them a fair amount of testing but not to the point of damaging my doors. I am very confident in these and the protection they provide for my family. They are easy to use by my 10 year old daughter but my 2 year old grand daughter and dogs cannot manipulate them (which is a good thing). Mine are installed on hardwood floors and it took about 5 minutes to install each. Once installed, I think they actually enhance the overall appearance of the entry way. And I live in middle Tennessee and the fact that this is a Tennessee company is icing on the cake to me.