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Beam System for Remote Communications

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Title : Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock
Description :

A telepresence device on wheels that is very convenient and easy to use; Beam utilizes 2nd generation Beam Smart Presence System innovations from Suitable Technologies, Inc. to connect Beam users with remote locations. Users may connect to Beam with the Beam App. on their phone, tablet or computer and talk with friends and family using the Beam two-way audio and video system. In addition, the mobile base and high-resolution cameras allow users to maneuver through a home or office environment to explore what’s happening and mingle! The Beam Smart Presence System is as simple as making a phone call but much better: users may talk, hear, see, and explore from afar! The Beam empowers users to instantly connect and collaborate with people around the world in a realistic and natural way.

Technical Description
• Up to 2 hours of operation
• 10-inch LCD flat-panel display
• Two HDR cameras with 30 frames-per-second video
• 4-microphone array with high-quality sound and echo cancellation
• WiFi operating at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz (recommended)
• Charge at either 120V or 240V
• FREE Beam App. on tablet/phone with iOS/Android, Windows 7+ & Mac OSX 10.7+. Limited 1 year warranty.
Features :

  • 2nd generation system built on award winning Beam Smart Presence technology
  • Have a “physical” presence anywhere, explore places remotely using the Beam’s predictive navigation and enhanced audio/video system.
  • Innovative design includes a driving assist onto its charging dock (additional docks may be purchased for giving Beam a home base in multiple rooms).
  • Connect with family, friends, home services, remote co-workers, colleagues, and customers as if you are standing right next to them.
  • The package includes everything necessary for the optimal Beam experience. Just connect Beam to your WiFi, download the FREE Beam App. to your tablet, phone, Windows PC or Mac and login! (No need to purchase any external speakers, cables, displays, docks, or controllers.) $79/year subscription fee required.

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock
Category: Audio Conferencing
Brand: Suitable Technologies, Inc.
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Rating : 4.1
Rating : 35
Review : Great for Family Caregivers

The Beam experience has been fantastic. I have an elderly mother and a sister with Down’s Syndrome that stay in a retirement home. The Beam allows me to "pop in" and talk with them at any time. They can see me as well which really adds a personal touch. I drive the beam around their apartment with no problem.

It really is a great product if you have an elderly or disabled loved one that you want to check in on. It can also save you money because you won’t have to hire a caregiver. Or, if you do use a caregiver like we do, we’re able to get by on fewer hours with the caregiving service. So for us, the Beam pays for itself in about a year if we only save one hour per week($35p/hr).