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Title : Lies and Alibis
Description : All’s fair in love and death in this smart and sexy comedy about a guy, Ray (Steve Coogan) who runs an alibi service for adulterous husbands and gets into a jam with one of his clients. His business is booming when a client who sneaks away the weekend before his wedding accidentally kills his mistress. Afraid of being implicated in the murder, Ray hires the sexy, fast-talking Lola (Rebecca Romijn) to help him mastermind one final con to clear his name. In the process, he finds himself falling in love with her. All starring James Marsden (X-Men, Superman Returns), James Brolin, Selma Blair, John Leguizamo and Sam Elliott.
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  • Lies & Alibis [DVD] [2006] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Lies and Alibis
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Rating : 4.0
Rating : 31
Review : Very good, Intriging, great twist.

This was an interesting take off on the Ocean pictures. I enjoyed the characters but would have liked a bit more development of two of the extras. All the acting was very good and the twist was perfect.